Pink Collar Cases Welcome at Parkman & White

At Parkman & White, our attorneys have extensive criminal trial experience representing “white-collar criminal” defendants.  “White Collar” crime has traditionally been the term to describe financially motivated crimes committed by deception, rather than by force.  Jim Parkman and William White have created a niche representing those accused of “white collar” crimes such as bankruptcy fraud, mortgage fraud, healthcare fraud, wire fraud, public corruption, and the like.

In referring to our firm as “white collar”, it never crossed our mind that such a term might just be sexist.  We recently came across an interesting blog that seems to have coined the phrase “Pink Collar Crime.” “Pink Collar Crime” is simply traditional white collar crimes committed by members of the fairer sex.

As reported on, there has been a noticeable increase of white collar crimes committed by women, with the increased influence of females in the workplace.  Our firm’s own experience supports the theory that a substantial percentage of work place embezzlement cases are committed by women.  The traditional recipe for such a case is: 1. A female employee who has a financial need, and 2. The employee is presented with an opportunity to fill that need by taking from her employer.

Such pink collar crimes are often committed by long time trusted female employees who have control over the companies books, with little supervision.  Over time, the female employees notice that they lack supervision, and suspect they may be able to get away with a small theft.  Often times, the employees intent does not start as a theft.  It is typical for the employee to “borrow” the money from the employer, without the employer’s knowledge or permission, while fully intending to pay back the loan.  The problem is, there is never enough money to pay the loan back, and when noone notices, the employee continues to “borrow” money to meet her needs.

Pink Collar Crime is certainly not limited to employee embezzlement, as we have represented numerous women charged with Medicare and Medicaid Healthcare Insurance Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, Bankruptcy Fraud, Securities Fraud, Bank Fraud, and more.  However, no matter what the scheme, the formula is usually the same.

The formula also usually includes the woman attempting to justify her actions.  Often the woman is just trying to make a better life for her and her family.  She sees others in the business making more money than she is, while she is working just as hard.  She sees others in the business making ethical, moral, or criminal mistakes, and feels they won’t prosecute her with all the dirt she has on them.

The problem is that almost without fail, pink collar crimes are eventually detected and you WILL need an attorney.  Our firm has been successful in avoiding prosecution for many of our pink collar cases.  So if you are suspected of committing a “pink collar” offense in Alabama, Florida, New York or anywhere in the United States, our “white collar” lawyers don’t discriminate, and would love to help you.

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