Woman charged with credit card fraud after stolen car investigation

On Wednesday in Tuscaloosa Alabama, what started as a seemingly ordinary request to track down a stolen car, took a turn for the worse for Teresa Cunningham Averette , 47 and her daughter Bambi Tiffany Nicole Averette-Dunn, 28.Averette stated her 4Runner had been stolen, later to be stated an object of a civil dispute and not stolen.  After the vehicle was recovered it was found that it had with in it many prescription drugs, marijuana and other drug paraphernalia.

The vehicle in question was the property of Richard Morgan Shirley, 51. When he was asked by the authorities about the drugs and other items, he stated they were not his. When the authorities looked deeper into the claims made by Averette it was discovered she was already wanted for 2 counts of identity theft and credit card fraud. Averette-Dunn was then the party in question for the ownership of the said illegal prescription drugs.

The sheriff’s office released this information, along with the rest of the charges that are as follows:  Richard Morgan Shirley was put in Tuscaloosa County Jail with a bond of $17,500 for un-lawful possession of marijuana, prescription drugs and the other paraphernalia. Averette –Dunn was released and had her bond set at 10,000 for possession of controlled substance. Averette was also released on a bond of 45,000 for 2 counts of credit card fraud and identity theft.

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