Megaupload founder released on bail

Kim Dotcom, the 38-year-old founder of the Megaupload website recently shut down for copyright violations, has been released to house arrest in New Zealand. The decision was made over the protests of U.S.-based law enforcement officials. Dotcom will be compelled to wear an electronic tag and live in a small house near the mansion he rented with his wife and three children.

The Megaupload website was shut down due to allegations that the service violated several copyright laws by distributing content without authorization. The group who operated Megaupload made over $175 million in profits before the site was taken down last month.

Dotcom, a German also known as Kim Schmitz, was arrested in a raid on his mansion near Auckland. He was pulled from a safe room inside the residence. Police also seized numerous luxury vehicles. In addition, Dotcom’s bank assets have been frozen.

This was the second application for bail submitted by Dotcom. The first had been denied, but this time, the judge felt that Dotcom’s flight risk had diminished. It was previously feared that Dotcom would flee to Germany, where he would not face extradition to the U.S.

The Reuters report can be found here.

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