Jurors claim prosecution withheld information in Crosby trial

A pair of jurors in Ray Crosby’s corruption trial now claim that they believe the prosecution knowingly withheld exculpatory information. Had they been supplied with that information, Crosby’s guilty verdict may have been different.

At issue was Crosby’s relationship with Milton McGregor, a casino owner. Crosby had been charged with corruption based on allegations that he had unlawfully accepted money from McGregor; in exchange, Crosby allegedly used his influence as an analyst for the state legislature to modify bills so as to favor McGregor. However, the jury was not informed that Crosby’s superiors know about the relationship.

In addition, Crosby’s lawyers argued that Crosby had also been involved with bills that would have had severe negative consequences for McGregor’s businesses in Jefferson and Macon counties.

As a result of the indictment, Crosby lost his job and marriage, and had to sell his house to pay legal expenses. It wasn’t enough; Crosby filed for bankruptcy four days before his death.

The coroner ruled that Crosby died of natural causes, but his supporters feel that the investigation and trial “ran [Crosby] into the ground,” in the words of Danny Corbett, a former state senator and colleague of Crosby’s. Senator Quinton Ross, likewise, believed that Crosby “died with a broken heart. It did him in.”

The Montgomery Advertiser’s report can be found here.

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