John Goodman Trial

An unfortunate set of events put a lot into perspective for the Goodman family and the International Polo Club, in the form of club founder and lifelong player of the sport John Goodman,48, being found guilty of vehicular manslaughter and DUI manslaughter.

John Goodman was the founder of the International Polo Club, a philanthropist of sorts in the form of gracious donations to polo related charities and foundations. The entire polo community was rather concerned over the events that took place over the past several months. The more recent being his trial and the overall tone and spin placed on the whole trial and view of Goodman.

The crash took place in February 2010 where Goodman was accused of fleeing the scene after the crash, and ended with Scott Wilson, 23 dead. According to police reports, Goodman was going over 60 mph when he ran a stop sign and then hit Wilson’s vehicle, flipping it into a canal, which caused Wilson to drown. Adding to the negative side of the case, it was stated by authorities that it was over an hour after the crash when Goodman called the police. When he was taken in to custody he had a blood alcohol level well over the legal limit. Goodman’s lawyer stated Goodman was drinking after the crash to help ease his pain from his injuries. There was misinformation being brought to light throughout the trial, from friends, family, and Goodman’s ex wife. Isla Carroll Goodman, Goodman’s wife for 22 years stated he had an issue with cocaine use, adding to the strangeness of the incident. There was some other concern of some of Goodman’s legal decisions as of late, some being his taking his wife in adoption as his daughter.

Even with all of the negative information being passed around and the poor spin put on Goodman’s image in the press, being demonized as drunken and overly reckless, Goodman’s peers and family painted a much more personal picture of his personality.  Many comments from Jim Rossi, Co manager of the Polo Club pointed to his surprise in the situation. The crash took place on the day of the US Polo Association hall of fame induction, “That event is typically a celebration but this tragedy turned it quite somber”, said Rossi.” I have a lot of respect for what John Goodman has done for our sport and this is tragic all the way around”. Another comment of Rossi’s, still in line with the overall uncertainty of his peer’s reactions, “it’s all very sad”.

In light of all the information on hand and the trial’s conclusion, Goodman may face up to 30 years.

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