Another former state trooper arrested on theft and ethics charges

Former Alabama State Trooper Jonathan Dees has been arrested on felony theft and ethics charges. The charges allege that Dees used his position as a law enforcement officer for unlawful personal gain, including the use of state vehicles and gasoline for private purposes.

Last Wednesday, another former state trooper as well as a custodian employed at one time with the Tuscaloosa State Trooper Post were arrested on similar charges.

The State Attorney General’s indictment alleges that Dees committed second-degree theft by misappropriating $500 in gasoline between July 2009 and January 2011. In addition, he is accused of abusing his position as a law enforcement officer to obtain the gasoline unlawfully, and of using both the gasoline and his state vehicle for personal benefit.

The penalties involved vary in severity. The minimum penalty for second-degree theft consists of imprisonment of a year and a day, plus a $15,000 fine; 10 years is the maximum. The more serious charge appears to be the use of his position for private gain, a state ethics transgression which carries a minimum sentence of at least two years in jail and a fine of $30,000; the maximum prison term would be 20 years.

The Press-Register’s report can be found here.

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