2010 DUI accident case comes to a close

After 2 years Carlos Martinelly-Montano the man charged with illegally being in the United States, multiple DUI’s and lastly a DUI crash that ended with 2 injured and 1 dead. Montano had many other encounters with the law for repeated DUIs, putting him in a touchy situation. In August 2010 Montano was said to be under the influence and when driving past another car that had 3 nuns in it, Sister Denise Mosier, Sisters Connie Ruth Lupton and Charlotte Lange. Montano was said to have crossed over the center line and hit head on the other car while passing the sisters vehicle, who were on their way to Saint Benedict Monastery for a retreat like event. Sister Mosier did not make it and the other two received medium injuries. The crash was after closer inspection the 3rd DUI occurrence while he was waiting being deported for is illegal immigration status. There were many other legal issues involving the questioning of why action had not been taking at an earlier date, due to his other infractions and his immigration status.  After his trial in February he may be facing up to 70 years for his charges.

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