Alabama Grand Jury Investigates Public Corruption

The first Alabama Special Grand Jury to be assembled in 19 years has been acquiring information on public lawmakers and others to ferret out corruption in the state.

A little over a month ago Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange established a Special Grand Jury to investigate cases of public corruption. Although the grand jury proceedings are closed to the public, sources say that testimony garnered thus far has lead to a slowly growing body of evidence for the indictment of several high profile individuals in the state. Further, sources say that a new round of subpoenas have been recently released to interview officials throughout many state agencies.

An anonymous person who received a subpoeanoa stated; “in Alabama if there is public corruption, there is gambling money somewhere.”

The Grand Jury is currently assembled in Montogmey. The AG’s office is questioning witnesses and requesting documents.

Attorney General Strange has pledged to step up efforts to eliminate public corruption in Alabama. This effort is likely in response to federal charges convictions in recent years of Alabama government officials.

In 2010 state representatives and senators were charged, but not convicted, of a plot to buy and sell votes on a gambling bill before the legislature.

In 2006 former Governor Don Siegelman was convicted of accepting $500,000 in campaign contributions in exchange for appointing the former CEO, Richard Scrushy, of a healthcare organization to a state regulatory board. In that case Scrushy and Siedelman were sentenced to about seven years prison time.

Earlier this month the Supreme Court rejected hearing Scrushy and Siegelman’s case.

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