Unfair Competition

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Our skill in white collar criminal defense including unfair competition cases has led to our national reputation for success. When you are accused of unfair competitive practices, intellectual property theft, or any financial crime anywhere in the nation, our skill and aggressive attorneys will protect your rights.

Unfair competition accusations often arise from allegations from jealous competitors, angry customers or ex employees with an ax to grind making claims of false advertising, theft of intellectual property, trademark infringement, and theft of trade secrets. While it may be clear to you that there is nothing to it, and it is just sour grapes by your accuser, you can’t afford to not take such allegations seriously.

Protecting consumers through prosecution

Historically, State and federal government stayed out of the relationship between businesses and their consumers. The rule of the day was “Caveat Emptor” or “Let the Buyer Beware”. For whatever reason, whether it be rampant unscrupulous business practices, or just plain politics, the government is now fully involved in consumer protection. Almost every State Attorney General has a consumer protection division, and now the Federal Government through the Federal Trade Commission has its own Bureau of Consumer Protection to “protect consumers against unfair, deceptive, or fraudulent practices.” The problem the attorney’s at Parkman White, LLP have seen, is “Who determines what is unfair or deceptive?” Our clients have received letters to cease and desist certain conduct by various consumer protection offices before they even have a jury trial.
If you’ve received a similar letter, or a request for information from any consumer protection branch of the government, you need an attorney. Your responses to these communications will often determine which direction the investigation goes. Call the attorneys at Parkman White, LLP today to help you respond.

You may face heavy fines, damage to your livelihood, and an injunction if you are accused and convicted of unfair competition. Both state and federal governments may aggressively pursue you and punish you if they believe consumers have been misled in any way. Against these accusations and against the government’s formidable resources, you need a law firm prepared to defend you. You have rights. Contact Parkman White, LLP Alabama unfair competition lawyers, to get the protection you need.

A record of success in a variety of criminal defense cases

In addition to charges of unfair competition, Contact Parkman White, LLP if you are facing an investigation, have been charged, or even if you have already been convicted of any of the following crimes:

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