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RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) is often a way that the Federal Government tries to identify a conspiracy between multiple people in a related crime. RICO is used to make sentencing even more punitive because it is not usually the only charge brought against a defendant. By including RICO with other charges, prosecutors may be trying to add multiple years to a prison sentence.

RICO statutes are designed to prosecute the leaders of an organized crime scheme. The organized crime scheme could involve bribery, as in the case of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick who was accused and convicted of running a criminal operation from the mayor’s office to accept bribes. It could also include other types of crimes such as drug distribution rings, sports gambling operations, importations of counterfeit goods, or any other criminal activity involving numerous people. RICO was created so that those that ordered the criminal activity and profited from it, but did not actually actively participate in the crime itself, could be prosecuted.

At Parkman White, LLP , our history—and success—with high-level drug cases, fraud, white collar crime, and RICO related charges lets us confidently state our goal for all of our clients: dismissal of charges or acquittal at trial. Contact Parkman White, LLP for advice on how to proceed if you are facing:

Despite contending with the vast resources of the Federal Government, our criminal defense attorneys have had success in representing clients being investigated for RICO cases and a broad range of felony prosecutions throughout Alabama, Florida, Tennessee and across the nation.

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The nature of RICO cases, is that there are typically government cooperators or “snitches” that receive something of value in return for their testimony against the defendant. The RICO attorneys at Parkman White, LLP are experienced in impeaching these witnesses and showing the jury their biases.
Attorney Jim Parkman has 30 years of experience in numerous areas of federal law. He has a reputation as a skilled trial lawyer along with a history of success in high profile cases related to white collar crime. These qualities made him the ideal choice when Richard Scrushy, former CEO of Birmingham-based HealthSouth, was indicted on Sarbanes-Oxley Act charges. The case was one of the largest fraud cases in U.S. history with billions of dollars in dispute. In 2005, with Parkman White, LLP on his side, Scrushy was acquitted of all the 36 charges brought against him. This is only one example of our success.

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