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Birmingham Criminal Defense Lawyers with a National Reputation

Federal & drug crime attorneys with a long history of success in local, state and federal court

Birmingham’s Parkman White, LLP is an accomplished law firm with a history of success in white collar criminal defense, federal crimes, drug crimes, DUI, and criminal appeals throughout the nation. As a defendant, you may face massive fines, a long prison sentence, and catastrophic damage to your livelihood, your reputation or worse. Reduce your risks by contacting us.

If you are being investigated for any crime—Embezzlement, Homicide, Insurance Fraud, Money Laundering—we can help. If you have been arrested, indicted or if you have already been convicted, you need an accomplished legal defense team on your side. We can stop criminal investigations before charges have been filed. If you have already been indicted, we will dedicate our resources to having your charges dismissed or, at least, minimized.  If you have already been convicted, we will fight to have your conviction overturned, your sentence reduced, and your freedom assured.

Accomplished criminal defense attorneys against federal prosecutors.

When Richard Scrushy, CEO of Birmingham’s HealthSouth, was indicted by the Federal Government, Jim Parkman waged a rigorous and brilliant defense. The case involved over 2 billion dollars in accounting fraud and was one of the first to be tried under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. With Jim Parkman leading his defense, Scrushy was acquitted of all 36 charges brought against him in 2005. Whether or not your case has the same stakes, we are prepared to defend you.

Between them, partners Jim Parkman and William White have nearly 100 years of experience in criminal defense in high stakes cases involving the following.

  • Business Fraud
  • Bribery and Blackmail
  • Environmental Crimes
  • Federal Appeals
  • Obstruction of Justice
  • Price Fixing/Collusion
  • RICO
  • Securities Fraud

We are prepared to handle all of your legal needs, no matter the complexity or the stakes.

We defend clients throughout the nation. Wherever you are and whatever your legal needs may be, we will live up to our reputation for excellence. We will aggressively defend you whether you need white collar criminal defense, defense against charges of violent crime, Federal Drug Crimes, or DUI, we are also on your side if you need Witness Representation or counsel through Grand Jury Proceedings. Contact Parkman White, LLP, Birmingham criminal defense lawyers.