Pensacola / Tallahassee White Collar Crimes

Tallahassee White Collar Crime Lawyer; Pensacola and throughout Florida

Conviction of a financial crime in Florida carries devastating penalties.

You need a team of attorneys with vast experience in financial law. Your rights and your freedom must be defended. Whether Medicare Fraud, Insurance Fraud or Embezzlement, if you are convicted of a white collar crime in Florida, you may face decades in prison, massive fines, and the life altering impact that will result. Reduce your risks of these misfortunes.

Parkman White, LLP are esteemed throughout the nation for our accomplishments in white collar criminal defense. In addition to providing aggressive criminal defense, we are also able to counsel clients through Grand Jury Proceedings if necessary. We are also highly skilled and experienced in Witness Defense and Federal Appeals.  Whatever your legal needs may be, we are here to help.

With nearly five decades of combined experience in federal law, corporate law, and white collar criminal defense, the partners at Parkman White, LLP are prepared for any case, no matter the stakes. With these knowledgeable attorneys and other dedicated professionals at Parkman White, LLP on your side, there is no case too complex and no opponent too formidable.

The experience to fight the most aggressive federal prosecutors.

When HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy was facing federal charges, he had Parkman White, LLP on his side. Scrushy was implicated in more than 2 billion dollars worth of accounting fraud. In 2005, with Jim Parkman responsible for his defense, Richard Scrushy was found not guilty on all 36 federal charges in one of the biggest corporate fraud cases in history. Your case may not be as complex and may not have that same financial scope, but it is a more important case; it’s yours.

Contact Parkman, Adams, & White and we will dedicate ourselves to your rights and your freedom just as we did for Mr. Scrushy. Wherever you face charges in Florida and whatever the size and complexity of your case, our Tallahassee & Pensacola white collar crime lawyers will use experience and vast resources to fight for you.