Memphis Federal Crimes

Memphis White Collar Crime Attorney with a National Reach

Charges of federal crime in Tennessee can be challenged with an aggressive law firm on your side.

If you are facing charges of a financial crime in Tennessee, Contact Parkman, Adams, & White. We are skilled in all areas of white collar criminal defense and will offer you rigorous and sophisticated protection in court. If we are contacted soon enough, we may be able to have charges dropped. Or, if charges have not yet been brought against you, we may be able to put an end to the criminal investigation entirely.

Also, if you’ve had the unfortunate experience of already being convicted, we have a successful history of appealing convictions at all levels including a long record of past success with Federal Appeals. Parkman White, LLP will challenge your white collar criminal charges with the skill and confidence that comes from experience. No matter what stage your case may be in—whether you are being investigated, have been arrested, or have already been convicted—we can defend your rights against charges of federal crime.

With the right attorney on your side, your case may be resolved before a trial is even necessary.

Our trial attorneys are extremely accomplished. In fact, Jim Parkman successfully defended HealthSouth’s CEO Richard Scrushy in one of the largest and most high profile trials in American history. That case involved billions of dollars of fraud. A long prison sentence was on the line. In such a case, we were beyond prepared for trial and, if your case must go to court, we will use all of our skills and vast resources to pursue victory.

However, we are also highly experienced with the many other options available to our clients. Our first aim will be to avoid indictment. If that is not possible, we will argue for charges to be dropped. If we do go to trial, we will make an aggressive and sophisticated defense to protect your freedom.  If you need a Memphis white collar crime attorney with a history of success and a commitment, Contact Parkman, Adams, & White.