Wreckage from Ferrari Crash to be Returned to England

LOS ANGELES – What’s left of a rare, $1.5 million Ferrari that authorities say a Swedish businessman illegally imported into the United States before crashing it into a utility pole will be shipped back to Great Britain, a judge ruled.

Superior Court Judge Craig Veals on Friday ordered the red Ferrari Enzo, as well as a black Enzo and Mercedes-Benz SLR, released to British banks over the objections of attorneys for Swedish businessman Bo Stefan M. Eriksson.

Eriksson’s lawyers [Jim Parkman, William White and Alec Rose] claim he owns the pricey vehicles.

Prosecutors allege that Eriksson illegally imported all three cars to United States from Great Britain. Eriksson destroyed the red Enzo on Feb. 21 when he hit a utility pole on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu while traveling 162 mph, authorities say.

The wrecked car is the property of the Bank of Scotland and its subsidiary, Capital Bank, while Lombard Bank and Yorkshire Bank own the other two, the judge ruled.

The vehicles are being held in Sheriff’s Department impound lots as Eriksson awaits trial.

They could be shipped overseas as early as Monday after prosecutors and defense attorneys comb them for evidence, said Deputy District Attorney Steven Sowders.

Eriksson has pleaded not guilty to grand theft, embezzlement and drunken driving charges. He is being held on $3 million bail and a federal immigration hold for a July 31 trial.

Eriksson is a former executive with Gizmondo Europe Ltd., a computer game company that went bankrupt last year. He spent five years in a Swedish prison in the 1990s for assault, extortion and other crimes.

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