Wreckage from Ferrari Crash to be Returned to England

News Channel 3 ABC Palm Desert


LOS ANGELES What’s left of a rare Ferrari that authorities say a Swedish businessman crashed into a utility pole will be shipped back to Great Britain.

On Friday a judge ordered the red Ferrari Enzo, as well as a black Enzo and Mercedes- Benz S-L-R, released to British banks _ over the objections of attorneys for Swedish businessman Bo Stefan Eriksson.

Eriksson’s lawyers [Jim Parkman, William White and Alec Rose] claim he owns the pricey vehicles.

Prosecutors say Eriksson illegally imported all three vehicles to U-S from Great Britain. One of the Enzos was destroyed in February, when he hit a utility pole on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu while allegedly traveling 162 miles an hour.

The cars are currently being held in Sheriff’s Department impound lots as Eriksson awaits trial.

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