Defense attorney draws laughs, warning during bingo trial closings

Defense attorney draws laughs, warning during bingo trial closings

By Alan Collins – Aug 11, 2011

Jim Parkman, attorney for one of the nine defendants on trial in the Alabama bingo corruption case, drew several laughs Thursday during his closing arguments, causing the judge to threaten to clear the courtroom if the laughter continued.

Parkman, who represents Slocomb Sen. Harri Anne Smith, drew several laughs Thursday as he attempted to discredit the prosecutors’ case.

“They say this is an easy case based on the evidence, but to that, you know what I say… I say nay, nay,” Parkman said. “It’s got more holes than swiss cheese. It’s got hole after hole after hole.”

Parkman later went on to say Country Crossing developer Ronnie Gilley was performing on the stand “like he was on American Idol.”

Parkman also talked about Scooby Doo and Seinfeld in his closing arguments, drawing so many laughs that U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson threatened to clear the courtroom if people continued to laugh.

Outside the courthouse, Parkman told reporters one of the people laughing in the courtroom was Judge Thompson’s wife.

“I wonder, if the judge would toss her out for laughing, where he would sleep tonight,” Parkman said.

The bingo case is almost in the hands of the jury. The defense wrapped up their closing arguments Thursday afternoon. Friday morning, federal prosecutors will offer their final arguments. The jury is expected to begin deliberations Friday afternoon and is prepared to work into the weekend if necessary.

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