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Federal crimes are aggressively prosecuted so our clients are aggressively defended

Parkman White, LLP have the skill, the experience, and the resources to challenge the federal government. If you are being charged with a federal crime in Florida, call Parkman White, LLP . The resources that the government will use to investigate and potentially indict you are vast. You need a law firm with the skill and resources to defend you against such an opponent.

We will look for instances of entrapment by law enforcement officials. We will also determine if you acted with intent to break the law. Overeager law enforcement officers and prosecutors often overstep their authority and violate the rights of citizens. A good white collar criminal defense attorney won’t let them get away with it.  At Parkman White, LLP , we have the skill to protect your rights.

You need a law firm accomplished in white collar criminal defense.

Your freedom and livelihood may be at stake. If you are facing an investigation or have been arrested for a federal crime, call us immediately. Parkman White, LLP can defend and advise you even if you have been convicted. We have a successful history with Federal Appeals.

If you have not been convicted, we will work to keep that from happening. In fact, we will do all we can to prevent charges from ever being brought against you. If you have already been indicted for committing a federal crime, we will diligently argue to have the charges dismissed. We have a long history of success at trial but have also helped many of our clients avoid trial altogether. Minimizing the risk to your freedom, your livelihood, and your reputation will be our priorities.

Federal crimes may carry mandatory minimums, involve huge fines, and lead to life changing consequences. When the stakes are so high, you need exceptional legal representation.

The accomplished white collar criminal defense attorneys at Parkman White, LLP

Jim Parkman successfully represented HealthSouth’s CEO Richard Scrushy in one of the most significant corporate trials in history. It was one of the first to be tried under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and had billions of dollars at stake. With Jim Parkman defending him, Scrushy was acquitted of all 36 charges brought against him. Parkman White, LLP proved, once again, that there is no case that is too complex, foe that is too formidable, or stakes that are too high. Our nationwide reputation for excellence has been earned and we work hard to show every client that we deserve it.

If you need a law firm with a history of success and a focus on federal criminal defense, Contact Parkman, Adams, & White, Jacksonville white collar crime attorneys.