Internet’s Criminal Element

The internet has, without a doubt, changed the way the world works. It’s an industry that exploded onto the scene a relatively short time ago and internet crime has been riding its coat tails ever since. One would think that after so many years the internet would have been made safer by now, that it would be a top priority. Truth remains though that it’s not.

Crimes on the internet range from identity theft, stalking, sexual predators, bullying, harassment, and countless acts of fraud just to name a few. The internet is a wild frontier with a plethora of bandits running amok.

The statistics on involving children and teens are mind-numbing. Often times this is due to a lack of parental supervision, but it can also be a lack of understanding of the technology. Kids are far more tech-savvy than many adults and as a result may be more likely to be targeted for a wide range of criminal intent.

Things have gotten better overall for the internet but we haven’t come light years in safety like we have with the technology itself. The best way to protect yourself is to be aware of anything fishy that comes your way, stay away from questionable web sites, and see to it that you have good virus protection on your computer. To protect your kids, the best thing to do is to be aware and involved. Make sure you know what sites they visit and who they are interacting with. This may make you unpopular with the tweens and teens in your life, but it’s better to be unpopular than sorry.

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