Florida Man Convicted in Insurance Fraud Scheme

David Rodriguez Lopez, the behind the scenes owner of Indian Rehabilitation Center, Inc., has been convicted in a Jacksonville insurance fraud case that bilked insurance companies out of at least $228,000. Lopez was convicted by a jury last Friday on charges of scheme to defraud in the amount of $50,000, filing false insurance claims totaling over $100,000, and knowingly participating in an intentional car crash.

On March 14, 2012, Lopez and four other individuals are guilty of staging an auto accident in Jacksonville.  Lopez then filed a personal injury claim through Indian Rehabilitation Center and received $35,000 for fake treatment he and the others in the vehicle received.

The press release also details that Lopez, 46, also arranged for a straw owner of the clinic, directed how to operate the clinic fraudulently, controlled the Indian Rehabilitation Center’s bank accounts, and directed others as to which insurance companies should be targeted.

The State Attorney’s Office and Florida’s Division of Insurance Fraud shut down the clinic last year and obtained an arrest warrant for Lopez.  He was found by investigators six months later hiding at a remote fish farm outside of Tampa.

Lopez faces a maximum sentence of 45 years in federal prison and his sentencing hearing has been scheduled for November 22, 2013.  He is among 30 individuals currently being prosecuted in this case.

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