Florida Man Accused of Car Insurance Fraud

David Glincher, 47, has been charged with 25 counts of insurance fraud after allegedly taking nearly $300,000 from insurance companies by filing claims for other people’s traffic accidents.  According to the Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, Glincher was also charged with 22 counts of grand theft, 19 counts of uttering forged instruments, and one count of aggravated white collar crime.  Court records show that he has been released from Broward County Jail on $29,500 bond.

Glincher is accused of using his business, Auto Loss Claims Consultants, LLC, to obtain copies of recent crash reports and then sending fliers to the victims.  He urged people to file “diminished-worth” insurance coverage claims which would allow them to recover the difference between a car’s value before the accident and after repairs.

Even if the victims did not contact Glincher to complete the forms, he used information in the accident reports to file claims without their consent.  Glincher would then have the settlement checks sent to his office. Prosecutors believe that he typically received “a few thousand dollars” per claim.

The Department of Financial Services’ Division of Insurance Fraud worked alongside the Broward County State Attorney to reveal this elaborate scheme that targeted more than 270 victims.

If David Glincher is convicted of these charges, he faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in federal prison.

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