Super Bowl Scam

Three Atlanta men have been indicted for trafficking in counterfeit Super Bowl XLVII tickets following a January 31st traffic stop in Sumter County. Two of the three were also charged with possessing and concealing counterfeit U.S. currency after fake money was discovered along with 57 counterfeited tickets. On top of the substantive counts of trafficking and possessing/concealing, the three defendants face a count of conspiring to transport and sell the counterfeit tickets. 

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations investigated the case. If convicted, the men could face substantial federal prison sentences for their roles in the conspiracy. While most people think of the Homeland Security Investigations division as dealing exclusively in counter terrorism  this case highlights the broad scope of their investigations. Over $7000 in counterfeit bills were seized as a result of the traffic stop. 

Since the three men were found in possession of the counterfeit tickets and currency, a conspiracy count was also charged. Conspiracy is a separate and distinct crime, which carries additional sentencing. In order to prove a conspiracy count, the government must show that the defendant conspired with others to commit the underlying offense (in this case, trafficking counterfeit tickets), which entails the showing of an agreement to commit the crime. The conspiracy charge is a favorite among federal prosecutors in going to trial, and can be very tricky to defend. 

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