McGregor to Pay Millions in Damages

A federal court ordered Victoryland owner Milton McGregor to pay $64 million dollars for conspiracy.  Developers for a casino named Lucky Palace claim McGregor and Macon County Sheriff David Warren conspired to keep them from opening a gaming facility across from Victoryland.

The ruling by the jury favored the developer and several charities which would have benefited from the casino.

Paul Bracy, Jr., had said that all he ever prayed for was justice.  Bracy is the president of Lucky Palace LLC.  He believes justice was served after years of claiming McGregor and Sheriff Warren were behind the efforts to keep his casino from opening.

Fifteen Macon County charities and Bracy working with the casino developer, say that McGregor and Warren crafted multiple amendments to bingo legislation to make it harder for Lucky Palace to obtain bingo licenses, while catering to Victoryland.

Mark White, McGregor’s attorney, claims  this isn’t true.  White stated that to conspire, you have to meet with somebody and agree to something, and there’s been no evidence that Mr. McGregor ever met with any of the charities or ever met with Lucky Palace.

However, based on weeks of evidence and testimony, the jury saw it differently.  They awarded damages to the plaintiff to the tune of $64.2 million dollars.  It’s the amount the plaintiffs would have made in profits and then lost when they weren’t allowed to open the facility.

Sheriff Warren was sued also under an equal protection claim, saying he did not treat the Lucky Palace charities the same as Victoryland’s charities. The jury felt differently in that they felt Warren did violate that claim, but did not do it intentionally.

McGregor and Victoryland were the only defendants sued for monetary damages.

Warren’s attorney, Mark White, stated  the judge could overrule the jury’s decision on Sherriff Warren soon.

White also said they would appeal the verdict, that they don’t have any doubt about that.


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