Four More Arraignments in Kimberly Investigation

The probe into illegal gambling and bribery in Kimberly revealed four more defendants Thursday morning.  Adam McGraw, Carl Scoggins, Kyle Sloan and John Taylor were all arraigned in U.S. District Court on one count each of conspiracy to conduct illegal gambling, and also attempting to  bribe Kimberly Mayor Craig Harris.  Mayor Harris was working with federal investigators during the probe.  He secretly recorded bribes being offered and paid for him to keep city police away from the operations.

Mayor Harris wore a wire – a concealed recording device – to try to catch as many as nine different people in the act of setting up locations for illegal slot and electronic bingo machines in and around Kimberly.  Harris has been a key figure in the FBI investigation from the beginning, just as State Senator Scott Beason was in the federal trial that just ended in Montgomery.  In the Montgomery investigations, Senator Beason received cash bribe payments and immediately turned those over to the FBI.

The number of indictments in the probe are now six, with court documents listing nine unnamed co-conspirators involved in the case, as well  The former operator of AMVETS post in Kimberly, Robert Taylor, according to prosecutors, is considered to be the primary focus of their efforts, and he has been charged with conspiracy, bribery, and illegal gambling.  He also faces a forfeiture count.

After agreeing to a plea deal in return for cooperation with investigators, Daniel “Boone” Stone was previously arraigned in the case.  Stone will plead guilty to one count of federal programs bribery and operating an illegal gambling business, which carries a maximum sentence of five year in prison, plus a fine of as much as $250,000.  When there is a plea agreement, it is typical that the accused receive a much lower sentence and/or fine.  However, the judge in the case is not bound by the plea agreement.

The other three men, McGraw, Sloan and John Taylor, who happens to be Robert Taylor’s son, all made the same deal with investigators in return for cooperation.  Scoggins is not cooperating with the government, though he also made a plea deal.

No further proceedings have been scheduled in this gambling and bribery case as of yet.

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