Crime-fighters Collaborate on Crack Conspiracy Crackdown

A joint investigation by the FBI, DEA, and Central Alabama Drug Task Force led to the indictment of arrest of 14 people charged with conspiring to distribute crack cocaine. The 57-count federal indictment returned this week alleges that various members of the conspiracy, several of whom were already in custody on other charges, conspired to possess with intent to distribute over 280 grams of crack cocaine, a cheap and smoke-able version of powder cocaine. An FBI agent involved in the investigation cited the arrests as an example of collaboration among the various state and federal authorities in an effort to “ensure our streets and communities continue to be protected against those who traffic in illegal drugs.”

The indictment alleges that along with conspiring to distribute crack cocaine, several members of the conspiracy distributed crack cocaine on specific dates between June 2011 and January 2012, used cellular telephones to facilitate drug trafficking, and possessed firearms in relation to the drug trafficking offenses. “These people were spreading poison to our residents and to our children,” a US Attorney was quoted as saying. “Those that spread this poison should be and will be prosecuted.”

Federal drug charges are always serious business. Add criminal conspiracy and gun charges to the mix, and a defendant is facing upwards of twenty years if convicted on all counts. A conspiracy charge requires a showing of specific intent, agreement with others, and an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy to distribute narcotics. With the FBI involved, there is often a good chance that phone taps and wire surveillance were employed during the investigation to prove the conspiracy. By possessing firearms, the alleged drug dealers exposed themselves to an increased amount of criminal liability under federal law, giving the federal prosecutors a powerful bargaining chip in securing a plea deal.

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