Baton Rouge White Collar Crime

Dedicated Baton Rouge White Collar Crime Lawyers

Parkman White, LLP have the experience to defend you against charges of financial crime.

Wherever you are in Louisiana, we are here to defend you against charges of white collar crime. Our experience is vast and our reputation is hard earned. Our attorneys, paralegals, and entire staff are aggressively committed to your defense. We will use all of our vast resources, record of success, and wealth of experience to defend your rights in cases of corporate crime.

If you are facing charges in any of the following, rest assured, Parkman White, LLP has the criminal defense experience and skill to defend you in the most complex and challenging cases:

At Parkman White, LLP , we have experience in the highest stakes corporate crime cases.

Jim Parkman led the defense of Richard Scrushy, HealthSouth CEO who was accused of orchestrating one of the largest corporate crimes in history. Accusations of 2.7 billion dollars worth of fraud were at stake. The fraud was alleged to have gone on for years, involve innumerable people, and was also one of the first tried under the federal government’s Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Despite these complexities and the aggressive prosecution of the Department of Justice, Richard Scrushy, was found not guilty of all 36 charges brought against him. Jim Parkman had succeeded again.

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If you have already been convicted, skilled Baton Rouge white collar crime lawyers can still appeal

As we have done in the past, we may be able to reverse your conviction by identifying errors in the criminal proceedings during your trial.  We may also be able to reduce your sentence or have it commuted. If another was unsuccessful in securing your freedom, contact a law firm skilled at Federal Appeals. Contact Parkman, Adams, & White to discuss your many options with an accomplished law firm.