Attorney Referrals

Alabama Attorneys helping Attorneys

A significant portion of our practice at Parkman & White comes from referrals from other attorneys.  We welcome these referrals, and also enjoy working as a trial team with attorneys that contact our firm for assistance. To receive referrals from other attorneys is the highest honor our attorneys at Parkman & White receive.  With each referral comes a great responsibility to protect not only our reputation, but the reputation of the referring attorney.  We work hard to get the best possible results for our clients, and keep the referring attorney informed.  We realize it is part of our job to protect the relationship of the referring attorney to his client with whom they have entrusted our firm.

The legal assistance we provide other attorneys comes in several different forms.

Assistance of General Counsel/Corporate Counsel in New York, Alabama, Miami and nationally

Our firm is often contacted by General Counsel/Corporate Counsel of companies around the country seeking assistance with various white-collar situations.  Our  firm has consulted publicly traded corporations and privately held companies on a number of issues.  Our attorneys can review your company’s compliance program, potentially providing a savings on your insurance premiums and making sure you are protected from the devastating effects of fraud within your organization.  We can investigate the presence of employee embezzlement, securities fraud, federal programs fraud, anti-trust violations, violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and more.

We also have extensive experience assisting companies with responding to subpoenas issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission, State Securities Commissions, FINRA, the Department of Justice and local District Attorney’s Offices.  This representation has included representing corporate witnesses required to appear at Grand Jury.

Finally, when push comes to shove, we can represent your executives, including your CEO and CFO, as well as members of your Board of Directors, should they become targets of a criminal investigation.  We have experience working with Directors and Officers Liability insurance carriers in obtaining pre-indictment coverage in criminal investigations, as well as coverage for representation at the trial itself.

Alabama Local Counsel and Alabama Pro Hac Vice Services

We also regularly assist out of town and out of state attorneys seeking local counsel in Birmingham, Alabama, local counsel in Dothan, Alabama, or some other area of our state.  If you are an attorney not licensed in the State of Alabama, we can assist you in completion of your pro hac vice application and sponsor you for admission so you can handle your Alabama case.  We do not limit this to criminal cases, and would be glad to work with you on your civil case as well.  We would be glad to discuss working your case, civil or criminal, as co-counsel, should that interest you and your client.  We regularly handle cases across the country and know the value of a strong local counsel, and would love to discuss providing these services for your firm.

Criminal Referrals and Referral Fees

We receive referrals from attorneys across the country in many circumstances.  We regularly receive referrals on criminal cases from civil attorneys who simply do not know how to handle a criminal trial.  We also regularly receive calls from criminal attorneys who do not have experience handling complex criminal matters and are seeking assistance.  In numerous situations, our firm has been contacted by experienced criminal attorneys to team up on very complex and lengthy criminal litigation where the services of more than one firm were required.

If your firm is looking to refer your criminal client to our firm in exchange for a referral fee while not participating in the representation, we would be glad to discuss an arrangement that would comply with the bar association in jurisdiction in which the case would be handled.  However, in most circumstances we find that clients prefer the referring attorney to remain involved and monitor the criminal litigation.

We also welcome new cases from criminal attorneys seeking our criminal trial expertise for their clients.  In these situations, we would be glad to discuss a referral fee in accordance with the appropriate ethical requirements, or we can consider teaming up with your firm to provide the best possible criminal defense representation for your client.

Our firm also has extensive experience working with immigration attorneys who have clients charged with criminal offenses.  If you have a client with deportation issues related to a criminal charge, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your client.

Contract Trial Attorneys

Finally, if your firm is lead counsel on either a complex criminal case, or a civil case that is headed to trial, we can work with your firm as contract attorneys for the purposes of trial.  Our attorneys have hundreds of hours of jury experience, both federal and state, which could assist your firm in its existing litigation. It is estimated that attorneys with our firm have tried in excess of 500 jury trials some of which lasted weeks and even months.  Jim Parkman, our lead trial attorney, was described by Fox News analyst Neil Cavuto as “The Best Lawyer on the Planet” for his skills in front of a jury.

On criminal cases, we can discuss an hourly rate that makes you and your client comfortable.  If your client prefers a flat fee, then that can be negotiated as well.  We can handle civil cases hourly, on a contingency fee basis, or a hybrid hourly/contingency fee depending on the case.

If you have a client that could benefit from the services of our experienced trial attorneys at Parkman & White, please contact us to discuss how we can work with your firm.